volunteer application


Camp NeedsGeneral Supplies:

Toilet paper,
Paper towels,
Liquid hand soap,
Disinfecting wipes,
Glass cleaner,
Odor neutralizing gel beads,
39, 13, and 4 gallon trash bags,
Unscented bleach,
Febreeze spray,
9v batteries

One Time Material Gifts:

5 single fitted sheets,
6 shower curtains,
(5) 5 gallons of white house paint,
25′ instrument sound cord w/ 1/4″ jack ends,
microphones w/ stands,
music stands,
industrial office printer w/ copy, scan, fax, print options,
Adult Sumo Suits,
Kitchen knives,
10 hard maple trees,
Mower w/ 60″ mowing deck,
Basketballs and kickballs,
Board games,
Industrial grade marine paint

Condo Rooms!! *Got $2,000? Great! $2,000 will sponsor a total renovation of one condo room, which includes new windows, door, floor, fixtures, and furniture. Any amount designated to condo renovations will be put to good use.


*Please send and make all checks payable to Adeline Christian Camp. *Also please specify how you would like your donation used; director fund capital improvements, operating expenses, general fund, etc. Thank you.

Volunteer *Most Saturdays Adeline Christian Camp hosts a work day and all help is welcomed. Please contact Chad Toelke for details. *Volunteers may also sign up to help during scheduled events. Please contact Dana Toelke for details.

We also need specialized volunteer skills that is specific to media, video, marketing and advertising.

Prayer *Adeline Christian Camp believes in the power of prayer and appreciates all prayer support.